Robby - Shadowrun 4E Campaign


So finally all of the planning, and stake outs, and putting up with the smell of bourbon and Cheetos from riding around in Seb’s Rv pay off.

Mission night.

6 Jobs, done in less than 24 hours.

1) Warehouse on Dixie Highway

Run objectives – Disrupt operations enough so that they are out of action for the 24 hour time period.

Korean BBQ food truck, laced the BBQ sauce with an agent that how shall I put this. Causes explosive diarrhea and vomiting in anyone who ingests it. Trolls and their meat, way tooo easy. A little stealthy recon as well, (yeah running around in a warehouse facility when the trolls and other workers are having trouble controlling their bowels is not fun). We also sabotaged some horribly rigged up vehicle as well to cause some mayhem inside.

Stole a delivery truck, that ended up being full of weapons on its way to the the warehouse, and made it out with another delivery truck (this was a bust with some crappy armor in it).

2) National Turnpike – Mystical Containment Facility

Run objectives – Unknown

Kirby being our mystic/magic go to guy does his Yoda thing and senses out the building. After a few minutes he comes back to tell us it’s this containment unit for 1000’s of spirits trapped inside. After we were through making Ghostbuster jokes. (If you haven’t seen this one I highly recommend it) We come to the conclusion that it’s some sort of Mystical Spirit EMP bomb.

Kirby decides to show us he’s a bad ass and go in alone. I take off for a food run while said badassery commences to the local cuban place to pick up some grub. I make it back in time to still have Kirby inside. About the time we all settle down for some much needed food. Kirby walks out of the building with 2 goons from inside, waves his hand at them like hes some fragging Jedi or something and they walk over by their car and stand there oblivious. Kirby is walking back to the RV when another goon burst out of the door with a gun. He gets off one shot and Kirby turns around, tilts his head at said goon and snaps his fingers. The goon flickers for a second and then turns into a puddle of goo and drops to the ground. (!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more making jokes at Kirby’s expense.)

We decide instead of blowing up said bomb here, that also appears to have some Psychotropic air released drugs attached to it. we decided to use it to hit our next target.

3) Biochemical Research Facility

Run objectives – Smash as much as possible

Pretty straight forward on this one, we roll up to the front of the place, drop off the trailer with the containment unit, Seb hacks in and has the people evacuate the building, and we leave the bomb sitting. Kirby can only hold up the containment field till we are just out of range. Needless to say setting off an EMP is bad, it’s even worse when near a biochem facility. Also all of the workers who poured out of the building got hit with the drugs, and apparently could see the spirits. Not good.

4) Facility in the back roads off Bardstown RD -

Run objectives – Burn it to the ground

Marcus gave us a map to the place, and assured us that steps were being taken to make sure the place was evacuated before we got there.

After having to drive down this backwater road through the butthole of Louisville, we finally get close to the place, and we get a comms burst of “Warning Bio hazard alert, Warning Biohazard alert, please evacuate the area”. Needless to say we all peed a little, Seb checks the outside sensors of the RV, and determines their is some misty agent in the air that someone has managed to make a mist agent combining Gasoline, and Nitro Glycerin (Aka Dynamite).

Well I guess that would be how they got everyone to evacuate the place.

So we load up on Liquid Thermite, suit up in some hazmat suits and get out and proceed to spray down the outside of the warehouse.

While we are doing this, Sebastian thinks to send in a drone to scout out the place, and hacks into the network of the building. He finds some shipping manifests for the building about the same time as the drone comes up on the loading bay and finds the two shot up and covered in blood Aztechology cargo vehicles. Shipping manifests are showing some Aztech cargo numbers under the Ares normal cargo numbers, kind line boxes in a box type of crap that UPS does.

From his hack of the network and the layout of the building Seb comes to the conclusion that this is some sort of RND building for “Alternative” weapon systems. From the ventilation of the building and power consumption we think they might be doing some cloning, so Seb sends the scout drone in farther. After passing rooms, and labs with some HEAVY DUTY very thick clear shielded walls of some sort he comes to some holding cells. The first two are empty, but the last one we get a faint flicker of movement and stop.

Trying to communicate at first to get whatever is in there to show itself, doesn’t seem to work, so he throws on the lights.

We get a glimpse of a grayish hand with claws, that starts smoking in the light and jerks back into the shadows. (At this point I think its time to go and torch the damn place and be done with it). They continue to try to communicate with the thing inside the cage. They finally get it to draw something (Apparently some ancient Mayan symbol) on the wall. They also get it to communicate using taps on the wall, one for yes, and 2 for no.

I really don’t have any idea what the rest of the group is thinking at this point because generally anything that doesn’t like light, and has talons is not something I want to play with.

They instead decide to cut a deal with the damn thing and let it out. Cutting the (titanium?) var halfway through for it, and it proceeds to burst open the door at this point (OHHHH LOVELY ITS SUPER STRONG TOOO!!!! Hello, anyone else not getting same warning bells in their head ?)

When it finally comes out where we can see it, it appears to be a lanky Grey skinned elf crossed with a human thing. they lead it’s naked Mayan ass out of the building and let it in the RV. (These guys are suicidal, I’m convinced that they just want to die at this point)

We also find out its having is regeneration abilities suppressed by Nano-tech, and that it’s had its tongue sliced down the middle. The nanos seem to be somewhat impeding its healing process but not entirely.

The gang decides to take it back to the safe house. (I’m outvoted at this point and proceed to wait for the moment I can get to say SEEE I TOLD YOU SO.)

We leave it there and go off to get to our 5th run of the night

— Glitch

To be continued in two weeks.

5) Stark Building

6) Caverns of Louisville, Underground Ares Facility



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