Robby - Shadowrun 4E Campaign

Old Lady secretary gots a penis

3 Days after the job at the warehouse everyone has been sitting around the hideout getting bored.

Glitch has been watching the entire Star Wars movies over and over again driving the group nuts since he has been able to get his voice restored.

Sebastian Decides that it would be a good idea to hit the Office/Storage facility that they saved Kirby from a few weeks ago.

Being bored, and always in need of more cash and loot the group gladly accepted

What proves to be a pretty easy entry facilitated by (AUG) turns bad when Glitch goes to pull open the elevator doors, setting off a Bomb in his face.

The group survives the blast (barely), and hauls ass up the Maintance elevator to the 24th floor.

They are greeted by a small office, and a Giant vault door.

After some fiddling with the mechanism to open the door they figure out the glowing pexiglass plate is just a damn scanner.

They open the vault door to find a Narrow Hallway with a Old Fashion Cast Iron Caged vault door.

Sebastian uses his (lock picker thingy) to unlock this door, but it gets fused to the mechanism so we cant recover it, although we did get the door open.

The hall way opened up into a 2000sq ft Vault, with several sections.

1) Caged of Section with Aztec statuary
2) Art Section with Various large paintings and works of art
3) Weapons Section
4) Desk with PC and file cabinet
5) 2 Military grade combat infiltrator Motorcycles.

They clear out some good loot from here and notice another door on the other side.

While Kirby is doing some magic ritual by the statues, Glitch decides to open the other door slowly. The rest of the group at the point group up while (Sarah) is watching elevator hallway.

Inside are a Young Female, and a Older woman. The group is already throwing Flashbangs, and Kirbies lightning grenade inside as the door opens.

The younger lady gets a shot off pinging (Jesse) right between the eyes with a gel round, before she is down from Kirbies shot.

The older lady appears to be unphased by the flashbangs or the electric.

Glitch tells her to get down, She then hits the panic button, and the rest of the group decides its time to go.

(Jesse) decides to shoot the old lady, who dodges his shot at point blank range.

Glitch goes back to see what the hell is taking him so long just as the old lady pulls a pistol.

Glitch tries to shoot her and fails as well.

They decide to book ass out of there at that point, and they all meet up at the alternate meet up spot.



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