Robby - Shadowrun 4E Campaign


Sebastian is making waffles.

Dont got much

Funded by various corps

Aries – Major backer
all of the major corps at some level

Consortium of Major corps.

Info is need to know, given at the last minute

Trying to do something with clones.

Base of operations underground in almost every major city

No base in Louisville.

Might have been found out.

Not confined to North america

No bases as he knows of in South America.

30 to 40 levels – Full complexes

Nashville base is under a government building

Most buildings have a team

Maybe 10 as specialized as the same group as Face.

Face’s group is not the highest escalation

The highest group is the best in their fields and actually want to be working for the group

1 – Base security
2 – Base Spec Ops
3 – Standard/Ex Mill Spec/Ex Corp Security
4 – Faces Group
5 – Loyalty Group

Hacked UCAS website



3 – ucas – General Winterbourne, General Smithton, Generic UCAS mailer
5 Email – No traces Free



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