Robby - Shadowrun 4E Campaign

Gimpy, The Cyber Zombie

German food is the best.

Shortly after exiting the home and booking out of the area, Sebastian receives a com from some random guy . Turns out to be another guy that the Others are trying to hit. His name turns out to be Richard Forester we find out later after meeting up with him at Waffelhaus.

So far here is what we have found out about the Others, through hacking and talking with Mr Forester.
The Others consist of a group of 5
1 Heavy Hitter, 2 Weapon Ops specialists, 1 Hacker, and 1 Pseudo Face

Mr Jefferies – heavy
Alex – weapon ops
Sullivan – weapon ops
Operations – hacker
Roam – face

List of Cities that the group has hit so far is as follows.

New York
New Mexico
Buenos aires

The Corps involved in these locations do not seem to be connected in anyway.
Based on the Items missing at this point it appears they could be utilized together to create clones or Androids.
We also discover that there are 30 missing people of varying specializations so far.
Along with the things we found in the Ares Facility, we believe it could be a attempt to make a clone army!
The group decides that since Mr Forester (who appears to be Black ops, and the most Bland Man in the Work), has already been targeted he would make good bait to lure out The Others.

Glitch of course has decided since it’s November Fifth he definitely has to blow something up. Since he has been running around dressed up like V all day noone thinks they will be able to talk him out of it.

It is arranged through Marcus for us to a have a building, that we can use to setup the Ambush for The Others.

Glitch of course wires the entire building with Spray Det explosives, and a giant Vat of Thermite on the 6th floor as he is convinced that the other groups Heavy is a Cyber Zombie. He also sets up Motion detectors, and a com system through the building to broadcast throughout the building.


You had a total shitnik moment. :)

Gimpy, The Cyber Zombie

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