Robby - Shadowrun 4E Campaign

Bourbon Baron

Castle apparently has made someone mad several groups have been snooping around the City looking for him, So far we have uncovered no leads regarding this.

2 Japanese guys
The New Yorkers

Marcus has a job for us to steal a book from a Rich guys Mansion in Bardstown.

Mission goes pretty smoothly and we recover an Original Copy of Mary Shellys Frankenstein, Dracula, and a Occult book (name slips my mind).

Along with several bottles of very well aged Kentucky Bourbon
A Humidor – That contained the Bourbon Lords yeast seed – We returned that, we really did not want that drama

a Original Winchester Rifle – Sebastian Snagged this

Come to find out Marcus grew up with the guy and this Book has been restolen and sold about 7 times now.

Dude also almost shot us with a Gauss Rifle – (I WANT ONE)

- Glitch

10 Karma Awarded



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